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Web software programming

Web software is similar to programs installed locally on a personal computer, except that they are accessible via browser on the World Wide Web. Web software offers extraordinary advantages. It easily establishes secured information exchange between all internal users within your organization and with your clients, suppliers, associates and partners.

The arrival of Web technology has radically changed interaction between companies and their clients. Such interaction is essential, since organizational reactivity is a prime indicator of your value to your clientele.

We have designed a range of complex systems not only to optimize your company’s operations, but also to contribute to increasing the quality of your services. With manpower shortages now becoming the norm, systems can replace some tasks accomplished by your employees. Consequently, we can reduce your operating costs.

It is also possible to use existing software and adapt it to your business practices or even integrate the software into our INTERCOM nucleus, our collaborative business management software. This can decrease programming costs significantly.

All our programs work on central computers and allow secured access to your laptop or workstation. No matter where the Internet is available, your business software is accessible to add information, consult information or communicate with other parties.

Significantly less effort is deployed to install, configure and maintain Web software because everything originates from a central computer.

Our customer base includes companies with strong potential for expansion on the short, medium and long terms. Many seek to automate certain business procedures to reduce operating costs. There is often a considerable need for the organization of information exchange.

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